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   The Family Christian Parade is an established Organization with a reputable record of consistency and a vision that impacts our communities with a positive message of the Word of the Living God. 


The purpose of The Evangelical Children's Association is sharing the Gospel, Evangelizing the unreached, Encouraging and Equipping children, youth for active service for Jesus Christ in their community, local church and on the the world


The Family Christian Parade  seeks to help children and the church claim and express their own gifts of faith and share them with our larger community.


Our focus is for all children, youth and the nucleus of the family to be edified and blessed with the powerful presence of God.


We are honored to have been bringing this message to so many families for the last 61 years, since 1958!


We coordinate different events every year


  • The Annual Banquet


  • The Family Christian Parade


     If your Organization, Church or Business, is interested there are sponsorship opportunities available to help us provide better services and a broader reach to our communities.


We encourage your promotion through media, public relations and other available activities for our children and their families. We look forward to meeting you and building a relationship with you, your participation will be of great motivation and blessing for this wonderful movement of God.


Rev. Roberto J. Lopez, President

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