of Rev. Loida Perez

     Loida Perez was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in a Christian home with God fearing parents, Augustin Medina Perez and Gabina De Los Santos.


The fifth of eight brothers, a family of composers and worshipers. Her family moved to Santurce, Puerto Rico where she grew up and began her process of development as a leader. She was Alumni of the well-known composer and great teacher of song and Music, Pio Gautier Benítez.


     In 1985, She married Juan Alberto Garcia. Procreating three children, Juan Alberto Garcia Jr., Eunice Nachela Garcia and Jonathan Lemuel Garcia whom he considers an unparalleled treasure.


She is also the grandmother of 6 beautiful grandchildren. For almost 25 years she has dedicated herself to preaching the word of God. To date it has reached more than 10 countries in Central, South America, the Caribbean and many states of the United States. She is a singer-songwriter and has two musical productions entitled: It is by her grace and Theophany An Apparition of God. She has occupied several Local, District and Regional positions in the council of which she is Ordained Minister Church of God Pentecostal International Movement.


She was District Vice President of ADAMES DCS, Vice President of Missions District DCS. Liaison Officer of the Mizpa Bible Institute, Master of the same. Assistant Pastor of the Church of God Pentecostal Uncion Divina, Theological Secretary of the IB Mizpa, Regional President of the Association of Ladies Messengers of the Lord RE. President of Ladies Festival Luis Palau, Member of ASPEN of our council, Member of Christian Education and Family. Graduated from the Mizpa Bible Institute, International Institute, Has a Bachelor in Theology.


Today Loida Perez pastors alongside with her family the Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal MI. Alpha and Omega.