of Rev Dr. Fermin Bobby Medina

     Rev. Dr. Fermin Medina Colon was born on June 19 in the city of Manhattan, New York City. His father Fermin Medina Pérez and his mother Marta Colon Garcia decided to make their permanent residence in Puerto Rico, where my brothers Jacqueline, Alex and Marta were born.


  • In 1972 My grandfather Don Fermin Medina Quintana Mayor of Moca, Puerto Rico of the new progressive party had a dinner with the whole family and Governor Luis A. Ferré. When I was introduced to the governor he put his hand on me

       And he told me "you will get very far, if you have it." That served as motivation for my life.


  • In 1976, in middle school, I was awarded the most outstanding prize in the mathematics course of the second mocha flying school. That same year I gave my heart to Jesus Christ in the Church of God MI of Voladora Moca Puerto Rico.


  • In 1981, in high school, I broke the half mile track and field record of the city of New York and President Ronald Reagan gave me the Presidential Physical Fitness Award and United Stated Army gave me the merit of Master Of Sport Award . I finished my fourth year at the Benjamin Franklyn HS school. In 1981 to 1984 I finished my 4 years of Bible study with the Council of Pentecostal Assemblies of Jesus Christ. From 1984 to 1986 I obtained the license as a Dental Technologist.


  • In 1988 he married Master Mirza Sanchez who is now one of the most prominent High School principals in the nation of the United States. From this union was born Grizelle Medina teacher in Art Psychology and Jonathan Fermin Medina Architect.


  • In 1988 I started working as an assistant in the Department of Radiology at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of the City of New York. I continued to excel in my studies, I studied in Penn Foster Career School Complete the Certificate of Anatomy and Physiology, in Eugenio Maria of Vista College study Radiology I went to Lehman College to study Pre-Dental, then I finished my MDT at New York University.


     I followed my biblical studies and prepared myself in Pastoral Counselor, I am Chaplain by LACA State of New York and I did a Doctorate in Doctor of Divinity. The last thing I decided to do was sing the psalms And in 1999 my wife invented the name of Salmista and nowadays. I have been recognized as the singer of the psalms in more than 20 countries and I have more than 30 recordings. I play the guitar, cuatro Puertorican Instrument "Bajo", piano, I'm Arranger, singer-songwriter of my songs and my favorite anthem is "Take it Easy".


I am currently a member of the Christian Rehoboth mission church. My Pastor Obed and Gloria Vazquez, My Council is the Council of Christian Churches Rehoboth where I hold the positions of Public Relations Officer, speaker of the Corrientes de Agua Viva Program, in charge of making the credentials of the workers and supervisor of the organization

and the order of our convention.